Flavours and Flair

About Flavours & Flair

Hello, my name is Penny Zalalas and I love good food, home cooking and creating delicious meals for my family and friends.

Flavours and Flair is a platform where I get to share my favourite recipes with you, which include lots of delicious Greek inspired dishes that have been passed down through our family for generations- as well as other culinary creations that I just adore throwing together.

I have no official cooking training, nor am I a michelin star chef- but I did grow up in the kitchen watching my Mum (who began cooking at the tender age of 8), her 3 sisters (my aunties) and my Yiayia (grandmother) putting together authentic, homemade meals for us everyday.

Food for me is a symbol of life, love, family and friends and cooking is a great excuse to bring together my loved ones- to eat, share stories, lots of laughs and great times.

With a media background, I also work as an editor, writer, food photographer, food stylist and here you will also find a lot of other features that highlight my passion for travel, interviews, trends, decor, styling and everyday living.

I hope you enjoy our recipes and reading our pieces as much as we enjoy writing about them and bringing them to you!

Penny xxx