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October 2014




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So you all know how much we here at ML&S are obsessed with kids fashion- especially from local Australian designers.

And today we are very pleased to introduce you to the sensational designer Jasmin- the lovely lady, creative genius and face behind the popular brand fromZION.

Jasmin is living proof that dreams can come true for all Mum’s- when you are passionate, dedicated and talented.

Anyone on Instagram would definitely be familiar with this fabulous label and have come across some of fromZion’s gorgeous items- which include beautiful and contemporary baby, toddler and children’s fashion and stunning leather Moccs.


fromZion has expanded rapidly in less than a year, with Jasmin’s husband and best friend Emily (pictured here on the left and Jasmine on the right) also now a part of the team.

This sweet label is also becoming internationally recognised and are about to launch an adult line and new range of colours and styles- which we and all their loyal followers (over 18 thousand of them) just can’t wait to see.

Here we chat to Jasmin, as she reveals how her successful and growing fashion business all began.

ML&S: When and how did fromZION begin?

Jasmin: I started this brand a little over 8 months ago, with my biggest aim being- “make a small amount of money so that I can stay home with my babies while they are little.”

I bought a leather jacket from the OP Shop and cut it up to make my son a little pair of Moccs. Posting a picture of my craft project online proved to be the start of something wonderful.

When Zion was 16 months old, I had another miracle baby- a little girl, Lacey Hope. When she was four months old, I started fromZION. She just turned one last week and we are at 18 thousand followers on Instagram. It makes me feel a little breathless.


ML&S: Do you design and make all the products fromZION?

Jasmin: I used to sew everything myself on my dining table, now we have a whole team manufacturing our Moccs and our clothing. I just couldn’t keep up with the demand and I couldn’t go on with the sleepless nights and the stress. I reached a point where I had to choose- take it to the next level (scary) or close down fromZION- so we took the leap.

ML&S: What is the inspiration behind your designs?

Jasmin: We love neutral colours, soft unique tones, basics and animal prints. Mixture of edgy and feminine to suit the unisex element. You will see a lot of these throughout our children’s and adults clothing and our children’s leather Moccs.


ML&S: How would you describe your range and style?

Jasmin: Our style is very much “comfort first”, which is why my materials are so important. Whenever I shop, I touch the clothing and it usually determines whether I purchase it, or not. I want something that is stretchy and soft with a beautiful drape- as that’s what I want my kids to wear as well. At fromZION we make quality leather, soft soled baby and toddler Moccs along with amazing bamboo/spandex clothing and accessories (you wont believe how amazing this fabric is until you feel it!) We utilise a mixture of Australian and international goods and services and we strive to have a beautiful quality and feel to all of our products.

ML&S: Are there any exciting new products or ranges coming up, that you would like to tell us about?

Jasmin: The new season is set to launch on December 1st and I’m so excited! It marks the launch of the adults sizes in all clothing items along with all new colours and styles across the clothing and Moccs. You will also see a few exciting enhancements to our range of Moccs.
Jump on the website and sign up to the “Notify Me” tab in the top menu, so that we can remind you when the launch is drawing near. Set your alarms and don’t miss out (past re-stocks and launches have sold out!)


ML&S: What do you love most about your business?

Jasmin: I love the flexibility of being my own boss so that now I can do what I hoped for from the beginning- spend time with my husband and my babies. My husband now works for fromZION full-time doing all of the design needs.

ML&S: Can you please tell us a bit about yourself?

Jasmin: I am a Christian, a wife, a mummy to Zion James and Lacey Hope and hopelessly addicted to sewing, designing and creating.
I never expected fromZION to take off as much as it did but I am forever grateful and know that God’s timing is perfect. Thank you all for following and supporting us. You are helping a small (but growing) business and a little family.

To check out all of fromZion’s amazing items hop across to http://www.fromzion.com.au

You can also follow on FB: @fromzionByjasmin and on IG: @fromzion_