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December 2015




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Summer is officially here in Australia and there is nothing better than a Greek Frappe to cool you down and to give you that caffeine hit!

This recipe is for a metrio (standard) kafe but if you prefer it glyko (sweeter) add an extra teaspoon of sugar.

It’s great if you can get your hands on the Nescafe Classic Frappe blend, which can be found in most continental delis otherwise you can substitute with any instant coffee brand.

Also if you like your Frappe with milk, make sure you add it at the end and evaporated milk is what they use in Greece, which gives it that nice creamy taste and texture.


- 2 x teaspoons instant coffee

- 2 x tablespoon white sugar

- cold water

- ice cubes

- 2 x tablespoons milk (optional)


- Place coffee, sugar and about 3 tablespoons of cold water in a shaker, blender or drink mixer.

- Cover and shake well for about 30 seconds if in a shaker. If using blender or handheld frothed, mix for about 15 seconds, or till it becomes thick and has a light coffee foam.

- Add ice cubes into a tall glass and slowly pour in the coffee foam.

- Add cold water to the top, or if adding milk 3/4 of the way to the top, and then add milk.

- Serve with straw.