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February 2015




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New York is by far one of the most popular cities in the world.

From fabulous fashion and food to charming parks and museums, there is just so much to do and see in this vibrant city that never sleeps.

Today we chat with Brianne Manz, the ever- so- amazing New York mum and creator of the popular kids blog- Stroller in the City.

Brianne was once a fashion showroom owner and is now a wife, mother- of- three and one of America’s most successful and leading mummy bloggers- writing about her expertise in kids fashion, style and all things related to being a mother in her beloved hometown of New York.

Here Brianne shares her brilliant tips and ideas on where to go and what to do in this cosmopolitan and arty place, also known as The Big Apple.


ML&S: Can you please give us a a short description of your life in New York?

Brianne: My family and I live in Battery Park City, part of Manhattan. This southern tip of the city is populated with lots of families, great schools, and wonderful playgrounds. Our daily lives are quite busy as I try to maintain a work at home, stay at home lifestyle.


ML&S: Can you tell us about your blog, Stroller in the City? 

Brianne: My blog started when my son was just about a year old. It actually started out as a style blog, where I was just writing little shorts about the cool things I was discovering as a mum. I later started writing about our daily lives and that’s when my readership sparked.


ML&S: What do you love most about living in NY?

Brianne: I love everything about it. The vibe and the feeling you get just from walking around- that is everything for me. It’s an alive city, with so many things happening all the time.


ML&S: Favourite park in your city?

Brianne: One of our favorite parks to visit is Pier 25 during the summertime. When we visit this pier, we are guaranteed to spend endless hours playing in the spray grounds, riding scooters, playing baseball, and there is even a mini golf there!


ML&S: What are your top 3 kids stores in NY?

Brianne: My favorite kids shops to pop into frequently are Babesta, Bit’z Kids and the new Ruum shop that just opened.

ML&S: And the top 3 fashion stores for yourself?

Brianne: I am a creature of habit and always shop at the same stores, which include Free People, Anthropologie, and Urban Outfitters.


ML&S: Best place in Manhattan to grab a coffee? 

Brianne: There are so many quaint coffee shops in NYC, but one of my faves is Inatesso Cafe.

ML&S: What do you enjoy doing most with your family on weekends?

Brianne: On the weekends, I love to escape the city with my family. We love the eastern end of Long Island, during both the winter and summer months. We also tend to visit our families on the weekends.


ML&S:  If you ever get a chance to yourself, where would we find you?

Brianne: When I am by myself, you can find me in a cafe catching up on work, or at Soho Nails getting a mani and pedi.

ML&S: What is your favourite restaurant to eat at with your little ones?  

Brianne: We love taking the kids to one of the newest restaurants that opened in our hood that is super kid friendly called El Vez.


ML&S: For a date night?

Brianne: On date nights we tend to frequent Bond Street or Il Mulino.

ML&S: A cool place to have brunch in NYC?

Brianne: My number one fave place to have brunch with or without kids is Bubby’s in Tribeca.

ML&S: Please finish this sentence, “You should never leave NY until you have?”

Brianne: Spent the day in Central Park.


ML&S: What are your top 3 areas or sights in Manhattan that families should definitely visit?

Brianne: My top places to take friends and family visiting NYC is definitely Central Park, Lincoln Center and even the South Street Seaport.

ML&S: Finally, you can’t leave NY without having a cocktail- where do you suggest mums go? 

Brianne: There are so many places to have a cocktail in NYC, but some of my favorites are from Beauty & Essex.


Make sure you check out Brianne’s fab blog stroller in the city and follow on FB: Stroller in the City IG: strollerinthecity