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January 2015




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Australia has some of the world’s most beautiful cities on offer and with its amazing beaches and vineyards- Perth is the ideal city for families to visit all year round.

From non-stop sunshine to breathtaking sunsets, this stunning city is becoming a more attractive place for young families to live.

Sharon- gorgeous mum of two- calls Perth home and is the face behind Sass and Spice, a fabulous blog highlighting snippets of her wonderful life as a mummy.

Today she reveals her tips and ideas on what to do in her beloved hometown.


ML&S: Can you please give us a a short description of your life in Perth?

Sharon: I’m a mother of two beautiful daughters aged four and one and married to my husband for almost five years. I also work part-time in the resources industry, based in Perth’s CBD.

ML&S: Tell us about your blog and IG page? 

Sharon: My blog documents my journey through motherhood, love for fashion and anything else that inspires me. Luckily I’ve also been invited to some amazing local events, which highlights the Perth creative and design community and savvy business owners, which I also love promoting on my blog.

My IG page is mainly snapshots of my daily life and I love working with the restrictions of my iPhone and fitting everything in a square. IG is definitely my favourite social media format and it’s so easy to get addicted, as there are so many beautiful feeds and talented photographers out there.


ML&S: What do you love most about living in Perth?

Sharon: Perth is quite an easy and comfortable place to live in, as it generally has predictable sunny days and it’s quite accessible- without too much drama getting from one side of Perth to the other.  It has become quite cosmopolitan in the past few years and although we are mostly known for the great weather and beaches, there is also plenty of good food, wine, coffee and entertainment on offer.

ML&S: Favourite family park?

Sharon: Hobart Street is my favourite, as my toddler still takes every opportunity to run away from me and it’s important that, one- it’s gated and two- there is a cafe directly opposite that serves great coffee.


ML&S: Top 3 kids stores in your city?

Sharon: Uber and Klein in Claremont stocks unique toys and gifts from all over the world, Henry Hiccups in Leederville is my “go to” place for good quality wooden toys and because I have two daughters I have to mention the Pickled Fairy store in Fremantle, for their huge collection of dresses. Even though I’m not a fairy fan- I like that my eldest daughter thinks the whole shop fit out is magical.

ML&S: Top 3 fashion stores for yourself?

Sharon: Emporia in Subiaco has been around for a long time and they stock Australian brands such as Lover, Willow and Viktoria and Woods. I always enjoy my time at Peachy in Shenton Park- they sell street wear pieces and last time I was there they had a box full of dolls for my girls to play with. My final pick will be a destination rather than a specific store and it’s in the heart of the city, which now has Zara and Topshop so it’s my “go to” place for affordable shopping for the entire family.


ML&S: Your fave place to grab a good cup of coffee?

Sharon: I usually drink coffee in the CBD during the mad morning rush. My favourite places are Smallprint, Low Down and La Veen. It’s very handy that they all know my name and my coffee order too!

ML&S: Most loved weekend activities?

Sharon: We like to have really laid back and chilled weekends, hanging out in the park after swimming and soccer and on hot days we always hit the beach.

ML&S: If you ever get time to yourself, where would we find you?

Sharon: I wish I could get back to just reading for hours without thinking about housework or work. I really look forward to having no plans, kids in bed and just picking up a good book in a hot bath. This would probably happen twice a year for me now!

ML&S: Favourite restaurant to eat at with your little ones?

Sharon: Roe Street Chinese Restaurant is great for dim sum and messy and loud kids adds to the chaotic atmosphere- it is expected in Chinese culture!

ML&S: For a date night with hubby?

Sharon: Recently my husband and I really enjoyed the Laneway in Murray Street- I had a yummy bubblegum flavoured cocktail, ate pork belly fried balls and listened to a live band. There are great degustation eateries like Amuse but lately I just want to have a fun night out!


ML&S: Cool place to have brunch?

Sharon: Bread in Common is in Fremantle and it’s amazing.

ML&S: Never leave Perth with your family until you have?

Sharon: Fish and chips on the beach, while watching the sunset over the ocean.

ML&S: What are your top areas or sights to visit?

Sharon: Oxford Street in Leederville or Beaufort Street in Mount Lawley for eclectic and quirky retailers, Swan Valley is a must for wine lovers, Fremantle for my favourite beach Leighton, and George Street in East Fremantle for its historic charm and diverse mix of shops and cafes.


ML&S: For a weekend getaway?

Sharon: Guilderton, as it’s not a long drive and you get the benefits of the river and the beach in a family friendly environment.

ML&S: To grab a glass of fine WA wine?

Sharon: Head to Clarences on Beaufort Street in Mount Lawley or straight to the Swan Valley wineries.

Check out Sharon’s fab blog here:  http://sassandspice.com and follow her on IG: @sassandspice FB: @Sass and Spice