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May 2015




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Once you fall pregnant, there are so many new things to think about and long lists of items to purchase for both bubs and mums!

New lingerie is definitely on most pregnant women’s personal wish lists and it can become quite daunting- not to mention confusing- when it comes to finding practical, comfortable and stylish maternity and post- baby bras and underwear.

Today, we chat with Robyn from the beautiful Perth based online lingerie boutique- Yummy Mummy Lingerie, who shares her fabulous tips and advice on purchasing maternity lingerie and also reveals how her struggle with fertility led her to begin a new business venture.


ML&S: How did your new business venture in maternity lingerie come about?

Robyn: I developed an interest in internet marketing when my husband and I decided to become foster carers in 2013. We had struggled for years to have a family and had only been blessed with one child of our own – Mr D, who is the light of our lives. We decided that we would like to grow our family and give a loving home to a special baby who for whatever reason was not able to enjoy safety, security and love. It was a serious commitment to make, as caring for a baby would mean that one of us would need to give up our current career and be home to care for bub and allow for the vital bonding to occur. At that time, I was working as a Health Promotion Coordinator (Community Child Health) and although this had been a fulfilling career for many years, it was time to re-educate myself so that I could work from home and become a foster mum.

We knew that online was the way of the future, so I signed up for an internet marketing course and for the next few months, after putting Mr D to bed each night, the amazing world of online business was revealed to me. Just prior to completing the course in December 2013, our foster bub – Mr P, joined our family at 16 weeks of age, and life changed again in a very happy way.

Once bub settled in with us and I had time to think about work again, the first day I looked for an online businesses to buy-  I found Yummy Mummy Lingerie for sale. It was meant to be! After my prior career, which involved child health and promoting the importance of breastfeeding – and now travelling the motherhood road again- the ability to offer women maternity lingerie, sleepwear and other accessories that are beautiful, elegant and comfortable and to make pregnancy and breastfeeding as optimum an experience as possible, was a perfect fit for myself and our family. We were fortunate enough to be able to purchase the business and now I happily work from home doing something I love, whilst being able to be there for my boys.


ML&S: Did you have an actual interest in maternity lingerie?

Robyn: We experienced the ups and downs of infertility and IVF for many years. Becoming a mother was like a huge gift to me – like it is for everyone. But perhaps the struggles, the heartache and the grief that can accompany infertility does make mums in the same situation that much more grateful and amazed at the final product. I love being a mum and I love sharing in that experience with other mums. Providing gorgeous lingerie to pregnant ladies and new mums is a way to share the celebration of motherhood. Even on the days that are a bit harder than others, if slipping on a piece of lingerie can make a mum feel better- then that makes me happy. I also love the fact that I am able to communicate with my customers and help them with sizes if they are not sure. That’s one less thing they have to think about and work out for themselves. And then of course posting their lovely package to their door is the final way to make the whole experience easy, convenient and a special treat for my mums.


ML&S: Are there any ranges exclusive to your site that women can’t find 

Robyn: Unlike other online maternity wear stores, Yummy Mummy Lingerie specialises in lingerie. This means customers have access to a wide and lovely range of brands and a ‘one stop shopping’ convenience for their maternity lingerie needs. An exciting brand that Yummy Mummy Lingerie stocks is You! Lingerie and customers are loving this range. It is designed in the U.S. and is only available in Australia from Yummy Mummy Lingerie. It is young, fun and a little bit sexy – definitely a brand that brings yumminess to maternity lingerie!


ML&S: What is your advice for women, when it comes to purchasing pieces?

Robyn: There are lots of things that I could share with mums and mums-to-be about maternity lingerie but here’s a practical tip, feel good tip and economic tip:

Practically speaking-  my advice for maternity lingerie is that the big 3 are ticked – Comfort ✓ Support✓Appearance ✓
Like any great design, form must follow function so ensure that your maternity bra does the job of supporting your breasts well, is comfortable to wear and you love the look of it. If any one of these factors are missing, then you may find yourself feeling uncomfortable and wishing for the end of the day so you can take it off.

Feel good advice- buy panties to match your bra. Who doesn’t like to feel special and some days when we’ve had no sleep and it’s harder to face the day,  slipping on some lovely matching lingerie can do the trick. We may not actually be all that ‘together’ but at least we can feel ‘put together’ and give ourselves a feel good start to the day. To create more versatility and practicality, buy panties or briefs that will coordinate with more than one of your bras. For example You! Lingerie Ella Rose pink brief will go with all bras in the You! range, as they are all hallmarked with their signature pink bow.

Economic advice- don’t scrimp on your maternity bras. Buy quality, so that they last beyond pregnancy and into the months of breastfeeding. Especially for mums who are hoping and able to nurse for at least 12 months. If you divide the cost of your maternity lingerie by the months of daily use, they become a very good investment. Buying cheaper or lower quality brands may mean having to replace them more than once per pregnancy, which becomes more costly ultimately.


ML&S: How do you go about choosing the ranges you offer?

Robyn: I choose brands and styles that allow me to offer my customers a wide range of options such as, price range – I like to have styles at the lower end of the price range, as well as the upper- whilst still maintaining appropriate quality for the price. Our bras start at $35, which is a great price for a pretty and functional nursing bra.

Secondly, sizes – it is important to have styles that are designed for a range of bust sizes. For example Cake Rose Mousse and Cake Fig Mousse are designed for smaller busts, whilst other styles offer much larger cup sizes for our ‘very blessed busted’ mums and mums-to-be. It is a pleasure to be able to help women who have been having difficulty finding sizes purchase a lovely bra.

Structure/style – bras come in many styles and have different structures that appeal to different women. I try to stock a variety such as soft cup, slightly moulded, non-wired, flexi wire, A-frame, side sling, full cup and balcony style in order to cater for personal preferences and comfort.

Lastly, different looks – there is a variety of styles to choose from and not going overboard is hard. I try to keep a nice mix of looks – pretty, everyday, sophisticated, simple, seam-free, elegant, sports and playful sexy – to allow women to visit my site and buy a variety of maternity bras to suit their personality and meet all their lifestyle needs.


ML&S: Apart from lingerie, what else do you stock?

Robyn: I like to be able to specialise in lingerie and personal ‘under-garments’ so we do offer selected add-on products such as tanks, maternity leggings, swimwear, sleepwear and tights. The other add-on that I am considering offering are nursing pads. There are some lovely organic nursing pads to choose from and these would be another nice item to help improve breastfeeding comfort for our Mum’s as well as being a nice compliment to our lovely lingerie.

You can check out all the beautiful items available at yummymummylingerie.com